Young Wolf Interactive


Young Wolf Interactive is a small independent game development studio in Bavaria, Germany. Our team members are from Germany, Chile, and Mexico. We formed in January 2020. Since then, we are working on a 3D puzzle adventure called "Nura's Wish". We have also made a number of smaller, free games together.


Photo of Adrian Gil
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Adrian Gil

3D & VFX Artist 

Adrian is a strong believer that games are a form of art and self-expression. As a kid, he fell in love with his Nintendo 64 games but never thought of making games himself. When he proceeded to study 3D graphics and animation it all came together and he followed his passion as a game creator. He is a true virtuoso when it comes to 3D graphics and VFX. 

Photo of Julian Hartinger
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Julian Hartinger

2D & 3D Artist 

Julian's favorite hobbies as a kid were drawing and playing video games. So it was a natural step for him to turn them into his profession as a concept artist. What he loves most about games is to explore deep fantastical worlds, its characters, and their story. In his drawings, he pays special detail to the proper logic and architectural realism of his creations. 

Photo of Julio Quiroz
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Julio Quiroz

Gameplay Programmer & Music Composer 

As a teenager, Julio fell in love with two things: technology and making music. He proceeded to become a computer science engineer, but something was missing without the world of arts. The answer was to create excellent artistic experiences using technology which ultimately transformed into games. 

Photo of Rene Rathmann
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Rene Rathmann

Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer 

Rene is an all-around creative mind. As a teenager, he started designing and developing his own Warcraft 3 campaigns using the world editor. After studying Information Systems, Rene founded his own postcard business and worked as a Data Scientist for a couple of years. He then went full Indie and unleashed his creative power. He loves coming up with elegant game systems that transform into challenging puzzles and powerful experiences for the players.